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Oil Safety Switch Wiring Diagram. 1994 Ram Cummins 47rh Neutral Safety Switch C-169 Wiring Diagram 2000 Lincoln Navigator Fuse Diagram 1999 Discovery Freightliner Motorhome 59 Engine Ecm Wiring Diagram Graco 7900 Pc Board Wiring Diagram. Yellow from the relay to to the white wire on the pressure switch.

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Disconnect the ground cable from the battery. The sensor passes a small part of the voltage from the coil to the oil level switch. The destructions say Attach the 18 ga YELLOW wire to an ignition switched 12-volt source or independant fuel pump switch which is fused.

On the other hand the diagram is a simplified version of this.

There is not much to the wiring in the. Secondly identify which type of switch you have. Below we an older-style Fire-o-Matic fusible link electrical safety switch. Seconds the safety switch breaks de-energizing the 1 K relay and lighting the indicator light if provided.